Robbie Vercammen

This seems to be a basic website... right?

For you, a visitor, this is definitely the case.
However, the administrator of this website has a set of tools at his disposal to mold and bend this website to fit his needs.

Still not perfect

No, because getting everything up and running is a big undertaking for a solo-developer.
In order to cut the costs, this domain has two primary usages: e-portfolio and staging area for new developments.
If you have an account here, you can expect some of it's functionality and modules to not function as optimal as intented by me (the developer).

Basic functionality

The main goal of this website if to offer a dynamic platform for the administrator.
How? De content of this page has been created with content added by the administrator without writing a single line of code:


This image demonstrates how the welcome page of this website can be edited using a WYSIWYG-editor (What You See Is What You Get).

Admin panel

If you have an admin account, you can find the admin panel in the upper-right corner where you logged in.


Modules and pages (menu items)

The admin panel has CMS (Content Management System) functionalities you can use to create and edit menu items.


Modules are pages with predefined functionalities, e.g., the calendar, the forum and the booking system.
Regular pages are pages created and populated with content by the administrator himself, e.g., this page (Project).

Only activated pages (using the toggles) are displaying in the menu.


Every aspect of this website the can be edited with CMS, kan also be defined in multiple languages.
You can test this now by selecting one of the available languages in the footer.

To be continued...

More functionality will follow, stay tuned!